2015 MBA Housing Awards - Winner Alterations Category under 500K

News article on Redfern residence.

“Testimonial” Monique Ward, Geographic Services Lead, Australia + New Zealand

Tony Beattie worked on my home renovation over the course of 2 years - from concept through to completion of construction. Tony guided me through a challenging process with competence, experience, professionalism coupled with a visionary creative instinct.

Tony has valuable experience with the DA submission process and was mindful of creating a design which would pre-empt planners concerns. For example, Tony pro-actively sought the opinion of an arborist during the planning phase - prior to submission to council - which had an impact on the final design. His pro-activity meant I avoided costly re-work and re-submission and was not something a less experienced practitioner would have considered. He worked closely with me on the selection of a builder - and again - his experience and professionalism greatly assisted the selection process and the builder we selected was a standout.

Once construction commenced, Tony’s meticulous attention to detail became apparent. He provided clear guidance and direction to the builder in terms of the aesthetic we were seeking to achieve at a level of detail to which even the builder was unaccustomed. Tony took a consultative approach however, and remained open to suggestions from the builder to ensure cost and quality were given appropriate consideration. Tony also acted in a Project Management role working closely with the builders to ensure the programme was managed effectively and that sub-contracting engagements were timely, cost effective and executed with quality.

Tony’s real skill however, is his creative vision. My brief to him was fairly straightforward: remediate a number of significant existing issues, optimise a small and challenging space and ensure the finished product was open, light and had clean lines. Tony had a bigger vision - to bring a long, boxy, narrow block - some curves. Tony’s guidance through the journey meant he brought me into what became a shared vision. He found ways to use creative tension constructively and was accommodating of and responsive to my own views at all times. Tony went over-and-above in working with me on decisions around light fittings, tiles and taps.

My renovation was completed on time and within 5% of the original budget. I thoroughly enjoyed working with Tony during the course of the renovation and I can recommend Tony not just as architect but as a partner and trusted advisor for a project. The home went on to win a Master Builders Award which is testament to his skill and experience.